Making Good

The Orange Lion Make Good Demo Reel.

Orange Lion Productions has had a special affinity for producing content that we call ‘value-centric.’ Not only is it a way to give back, but even more so it is the chance to tell positive and rewarding stories—stories that more often than not lack the attention they deserve. The sweeping view is that positive stories don’t ‘sell’ like the excessively voyeuristic. But a truly great story simply requires the facing of a substantial trial, and enough human spirit and teamwork to overcome. We see these stories to have equal, if not greater, potential to relate to the masses.

Whether engrained within larger series or stand-alone products, we have been consistent producers of humanitarian features—including a Katrina Relief week in MS, a church half-way house for released inmates, an after-school program for at-risk children, Feed My Starving Children, and for the national headquarters of Save the Children.

At present, we are finishing a feature-length documentary following a New Jersey-based prison ministry group—the largest athletic prison ministry in the U.S.—into 18 prisons in 4 states, seen through the eyes of one inmate-turned-free-man’s internal battle with religion.

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